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Ordering by Hole
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All orders will be shipped in black with white numbers unless otherwise checked.

Black  with  white  numbers
Black with  yellow  numbers
Sand  with   black   numbers
Green  with   gold   numbers
Yellow with black   numbers
Silver  with  black   numbers


Check your irrigation system.

If you have more than one irrigation system, submit one system at a time.


Bulls-Eye Golf Markers
Universal Yardage Markers


8360  10092  10100  10110  1B-120

HG-800 body Square inserts  HG-900 body Square inserts  G-90 & G-95


G-60 inserts  G-70 inserts  G-90

John Deere

D50/D70 & D35/D75  D70/D100 & D75/D85

Rain Bird

47-51 Metal head  51 Plastic head  91 Metal head  91 Plastic head

Eagle 700/750  Eagle 751  Eagle 900/950  Eagle 1100/1150 inserts


B Series  630  650  660  670  680  690  730  750  760  780

834s  835s  850s  854s  855s  860s  880s  DT34  DT35  DT54  DT55

If irrigation system not listed above, enter here: 

Send comments with order:  


Ordering with PC use Enter and Tab keys

Ordering with Smartphone use Arrow and Next keys


For one line of numbers on the same marker:
Insert the number then press enter or the arrow key for the next number.

To go to the next hole press the tab or the next key.

For two or three lines of numbers on the same marker:

Insert a number then use the - sign between the numbers. 

Next press the enter or the arrow key.

To go to the next line:
To go to the next hole press the tab or the next key.


Hole 1      100-115-130 press enter or the arrow key.                              

                        185-200-215 press tab or the arrow key to go to the next hole.

 1         2         3         4

 5         6         7         8

 9       10      11       12

13       14      15       16

17       18


Markers will be shipped in 2 to 3 business days.
After clicking on Submit a (Form Confirmation) page will appear meaning the order has been received.