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Measuring your golf course

To accurately measure a golf hole, equipment can be rented from your local surveyor's supply store for about US $50.00 to US $85.00 per day; one or two days will do the job. You will need one electronic distance meter (EDM) with tripod, one prism mounted on a pole, one measuring wheel, or a method of finding the center of the greens, or two prisms, one at front of green and one at rear. Most tripod mounted (EDM) are accurate to 3/8 of an inch up to 1,000 yards. You may be able to rent a hand-held (EDM) laser gun that will reflect back from any object up to 1,000 yards but the accuracy is only plus or minus 6 inches.

Place the (EDM) with tripod at the center of the green, then with the prism mounted on a pole, start about 40 yards from the center of the green. Holding the prism next to the sprinkler head, (take first reading, the next sprinkler head will be about 20 to 24 yards depending on the type of sprinkler system.) Continuing straight back toward the tee, you should find the rest of the sprinkler heads. Continue until you are out about 225 yards on par 4's and 275 on par 5's. To find the next row of sprinkler heads, go back down the row you just measured, about 11 yards from your last measured sprinkler head, then go 90 degrees left or right, 20 to 24 yards to find the next row. Now continue back toward the green. There are normally 4 rows that need, to be marked; two rows in the fairway and the first rows in the rough on either side of the fairway.


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