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Made in USA

Since 1987 we have made golf course sprinkler head Yardage Markers that are visible, durable, and long-lasting with a 20-year warranty.

Golf course sprinkler head Yardage Markers must withstand a wide range of conditions from the effects of chemicals, weather, UV rays, and golfers.  We have tested many different types of materials, including most types of plastics, paint-filled materials and anodized aluminum.  We have a durable, long-lasting, easy to find distance marker.

Bull's-Eye Golf Markers are custom designed for each brand and model of sprinkler head that is attached to the top of the sprinkler head with a colored tapered edge that makes them visible from many yards away. We offer six different colors and have one to three lines of numbers or text per yardage marker available.

Priced from US $1.50 to US $3.25 each.

Easy-to-install installation kit comes with drill bit and stainless steel screws.


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